A Fresh Start

This campaign is currently under developement as information is decided on these pages will be updated as needed as of right now there are only a few things that are currently decided on.

  • This is a 5th edition D&D campaign
  • it will be played online useing Fantasy Grounds
  • And we are still recruiting players

Time and day have been kinda determined now. it will be much later in the evening around 10 PM E.S.T. will either be friday or saturday.it will be played useing roll20 and will be text based only
Character creation rule

  • you may play as any race of class but the character must be aproved by me.
  • any kind of character background or bio is and at any length is ok. If there is some thing wrong or contradictory to the game ill let you know. If you want something/place/item added to the world just let me know I usually don’t have a problem with it.
  • please read the history page before creating a charecter it will give you a general. Idea of the events that lead to the risen hero’s and help with your back ground
    *you don’t have to be a risen hero if you don’t want to be

Hero's Reborn